Consumer of art since childhood, I try to reflect my experiences and my way of seeing situations in my day to day. Music and photography have always been my passions. At first I was self-taught, but currently I am studying at the International School of Photography in Madrid. I have held workshops with Cristina Garcia Rodero, Cristina deMiddel, Isabel Muñoz, Tino Soriano and David Gibson.

Although I recognize that the road is difficult, I keep walking thanks to my passion for photography. My favorite photographers are mainly Alex Webb, Gustavo Minas, Trent Parke and Harry Gruyaert. Although I don’t reject great masters like Bresson, Robert Frank, Eggleston …



3rd Prize Winner Street Category: International Photography of the Year 2017
-Honorable Mention in Street Photography Category: ND Awards 2017
Honorable Mention In Professional People Category: Monochrome Photography Awards 2017
-3rd Prize Winner Non- Professional People: children : Latin International Photography Awards 2018
-2nd Prize Winner Non-Professional Perspective Deeper : Latin International Photography Awards 2018
-Honorable Mention in Street category : ND Awards 2018
-Honorable Mention in Street category : Chromatic Photography Awards 2018
-2nd prize Winner Professional Street Photography Category: Fine Art Photography Awards 2019